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I’m so happy, I actually talked Derek into going to the beach. We got there a little before noon and it was actually a little chilly. I was a little disappointed, but it was still nice. We only stayed on the actual beach for like an hour because we had to pee and the bathrooms were locked up. But the highlight of it was this camel that we saw.

After that we went to a store that my brother in laws brother owns and they carry a ton of different beer. We spent a good amount of time there picking out beer, its always a tough decision when there are so many choices. This is all of the beer we ended up buying. 

Then it was time to eat! We had to go to our favorite place, Browns. It is in Seabrook and it is the best fried food you will ever eat. It’s always packed, but it’s cool because you can bring in your own beer and wine. Of course we brought some of the beer that we had just purchased. This is the monster pile of food that we consumed. It includes 3 haddock sandwiches, lots of french fries and a fried shrimp plate!
It was a good day full of driving and eating. To top off the extreme caloric intake for the day we also went out and got ice cream from Goldenrod. I got cookie dough with chocolate jimmies and Derek got a strawberry cheesecake frappe. It was all very yummy. It was a fat day, I will have to work it all off tomorrow with my 6 mile run!

I am loving this warm weather though!


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RIP Chloe

I am sad. My friends parents cat died suddenly today. They are good friends of mine and I cat sit for them whenever they are away. They had two cats, Jack and Chloe, they were rather young, definitely not even 2 years old yet. They were brought to the vet to get declawed and on the way home I guess Chloe started freaking out and was very agitated. He said that she just stopped moving and he brought her back to the vet right away, but she was gone. I guess it was due to the stress on her heart from the surgery.    : (      Jack the other cat is doing fine, I’m sure he will miss her. It’s so unexpected and I feel so sad for Chloe and especially her owners Mark and Cheryl. I can not even fathom how they feel, I know I would be devastated if anything happened to my cats.

I will miss you Chloe…

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Perfect Weather

First I would like to say that I am SO EXCITED about the weather this weekend. It is going to be 87 on Saturday, holy crap! I absolutely can not wait for it be here. I love warm weather and the summer time. I much prefer to be hot than cold.

I am currently sitting here at my desk at work enjoying my lunch, and I am freezing my ass off. I hate being cold all the time. I really want to do something fun and outdoors this weekend. It is supposed to be just as nice on Sunday too. I just want to be outside all day laying and relishing in the warm sun! I also really want to go get some ice cream from this place called Goldenrod, it has the best ice cream ever.

I would love to go to the beach, but I know Derek wouldn’t be up for that because it is probably going to be crowded. It is the first hot weekend of the season and I’m sure a lot of people are going to take advantage of it. Crowds are annoying, but if I could find a 10 foot spot in the sand, I could lay there ALL day and be happy. Aww it sounds go great, I really want to go to the beach now. I just want to go and relax, read a book, and get tan so I’m not so white anymore. Oh and to also enjoy some fried boardwalk food. Oh my god I want to go so bad. I am definitely going to try and talk Derek into going, it’s gotta be worth a shot.

Ohhh how I love the warm weather, it just makes me happy! 🙂

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I love reading things like this:


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I want these!

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The Glass Castle: A Memoir

          READ THIS BOOK!

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Cutting My Hair

So, I am going to get my hair cut on Saturday and I know I want to do something different. It is probably going to be the shortest I’ve ever had it. These are some of the styles I’m considering. 

This is the shortest, kind of how short I want it, but I’m not sure about the style.

I love the mess feel of this one. Imagine if I dyed my hair blonde? I almost secretly want to.

I love Katie Holmes and all of her hair styles.

I definitely want some kind of bangs, probably more to the side than this picture.

This girl is creepy, but I love her hair. 
Now, the hart part is choosing and attempting to communicate exactly what I want to my hairdresser.

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