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I went for my first official bike ride today. It wasn’t much of an adventure, it was more of getting used to the bike. I only rode around my neighborhood, I need to make sure I am comfortable on the bike. I practiced changing gears, went up some hills, down some hills and practiced getting my feet in and out of the pedal clips. 

I have been looking for some good bike trails, but I’m having somewhat of a hard time. I know of two places that I can possibly go, but I’m really nervous. They are all on roads, mostly low traffic, which is good, but it’s intimidating to just go out there and ride a new bike that is completely different than any other bike I’ve rode. I know I just have to do it, once I get out there and do it, I will realize how easy it was in the first place. I just have to keep that quote in mind. 

I am using an old road bike that my Uncle gave my Dad several years ago. I’m so happy to have it because mountain bikes make everything more difficult because they are so heavy. I also have to carry my bike up and down three flights of stairs every time I use it because there is no other place to store it. I am thankful that it is so light. I bought an awesome new helmet yesterday at Sports Authority, it makes me feel more professional, ha! I also bought some goggles to wear swimming and a water bottle for my bike. Slowly things are all coming together. I have a few more things that I will need to buy in the coming weeks, like a triathlon top and bottom and also a swim cap. I have exactly 6 weeks to get my butt into shape. Wish me luck!


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So, I did my first swim today as part of my training. It took more out of me than I thought it would. I was completely out of breath after 5 laps. I figured out that 9 complete laps will equal the .25 mile distance for my triathlon. I think I can do it! I absolutely loved swimming today, it felt really good and I’m excited to do it more often. I’m going to aim to get at least 3 swims in every week. I swam for 20 minutes today and I’m going for another 20 tomorrow. I am going to look up some proper swim techniques tonight when I get home from work. I want to make sure I swim as efficiently as possible. I’m so excited to be training, I feel really focused and ready to take on the next 6 weeks. All I need to do now is get a bike helmet so I can go for my first real bike ride on Sunday morning. After this week I am going to cut back on my running slightly in order to fit all of this other training in.

Okay, gotta get back to work…

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New Inspiration

I officially signed up for my Triathlon!

I started reading a new book: The Alchemist, it’s amazing and I know I am going to blow right through it. Next up – Angels and Demons, then American Psycho.

I finally watched ‘Silence of the Lambs’ I know! I’m weird because I’ve never seen it, but this movie definitely lived up to the hype! It’s usually hard to like a movie as much as everyone else when they make a big deal of you not seeing it. Really though, it was phenomenal and I give it 5 stars. I saw probably the first 45 minutes of it in my Film Theory class, it was for my final exam and my professor made us watch half of it then he shut it off and made us write. Ever since then I was dying to see the rest, only 2 years later was I finally able to finish it. 

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There is always a cycle of organization for me. I just can’t seem to keep up with it 100%. I almost prefer it that way though. I love reorganizing things and starting fresh, but it never fails, everything I once organized and got under control eventually becomes cluttered and out of control. This seems to happen with everything in my life, not just the cleanliness of my apt. I must admit though, our apartment has come a long way since the last debacle of organization. The point here is that it is time to yet again reorganize and restructure. The summer time has hit and it is time to do a third round of spring cleaning. Especially when it is hot, that is when things need to be clutter free and spacious otherwise things will be even more uncomfortable. 

I’ve started my organizing with a triathlon training schedule. I have about 7 weeks to prepare myself for this immense accomplishment. I’m so pumped to do it! I haven’t officially signed up yet, but I will be doing it on Saturday. I want to make sure my family will be able to come and support me before I choose which one I do. 

Second on my list of organizing is getting rid of all the clothes that I do not wear, and there are a lot of them! I don’t know what it is, but I have a hard time parting with my clothes. I always think that I will wear them someday, when in reality if I don’t wear it now, I sure as hell won’t wear it in the future. 

Third is my money. I like setting goals for my savings fund and my credit card payments. I seem to be doing well with both and feel confident that I will be in good financial standing once I head to NY.

Fourth is actually cleaning my apartment. Now, I feel like I should set a goal to see how long a clean apt. can last. It’s hard work man! 

Sorry for this really long and boring post, but I must say it feels nice to get it all out there and organized. That’s the first step…making a list! 

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I ran my first 12K yesterday and it was so exciting. I was there by myself, which wasn’t so bad, it only kinda sucked because I had to carry my car key the whole time. I need to get some clothes that have pockets! It was a beautiful day outside, perfect running weather and the course was amazing. There were so many nice houses and landscapes to look at along the way. We ran past a house that had a little pond with ducks and they also had peacocks! I felt like I was actually trying to compete in this race. Usually my only goal is to be able to run the whole way, but by the time I reached mile 2 I knew I was going to make it and I was ready to really put my all into it. The course was rather flat, compared to what I am used to. There were only minor hills, which was very nice. 

I finished at 68:14, which I am very happy with because I had decided while I was running to try and come in under 70 minutes. Looking back on it though, I feel like I could’ve done better. I absolutely love races, they are so addicting! I just want to keep going and pushing harder and harder. My goal is to run at least 1 race a month until the winter season comes. I honestly can’t wait to run another one though. I think it is going to be a 5K on June 7th. 

I originally wanted to do a triathlon this summer also, but I had changed my mind because I didn’t think I would have enough time to train. Over the weekend I learned that my friend Joe did a triathlon and he said it was awesome. It was his first one and he even one medals, that is impressive! I told him I wanted to do one, but I was probably going to wait until next year and his simple words of ‘Why? Don’t wait, do it this year!’ seriously motivated me to reconsider immensely. 

I’m probably going to actually do the same one he did. The Falmouth Sprint Triathlon. It is perfect timing for when I would be ready to do it. It really isn’t much training time, but honestly I feel like I wouldn’t need a whole lot. I’ve got the running down, I just need to focus on swimming and biking. There are so many rules and regulations, that is what intimidates me the most. I don’t want to accidentally break a rule and be penalized. I’m really excited though, if I seriously do complete a triathlon, I will feel so accomplished! To me there is nothing more thrilling than completing an event like that. I thank Joe for that quick chat we had about his experience. 

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Name Tags for ‘Losers’

I am quite proud of these.

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Food, Guns, and Star Trek

I had a very busy weekend. On Saturday I went to my sister’s graduation, which turned out to be a pretty interesting ceremony. The commencement speaker had a really inspiring speech and though it was a little long, I enjoyed what he had to share. It turned out to be a pretty nice day. After we all headed back to sister’s condo for a small gathering with lots of food. My sister is an amazing and ambitious cook, I aspire to like her one day. She made a curried egg salad, wild rice salad, chicken salad, an antipasto plate and homemade frozen yogurt. It was exceptional. I brought over some Alton Brown Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Black Bean Brownies. They came out quite well…pictures soon to come. I ate SO much!

Sunday of course was Mother’s Day. Derek and I headed over to my parents house where my Dad was also grilling up a storm. He made smoked pork, grilled chicken, hot dogs and home made baked beans. I absolutely love how my whole family is based around good food! I definitely don’t take it for granted. I love cooking and eating and experiencing different food. I really hope I can own my own diner one day. Anyway, we ate a ton of good food at my parents house and then headed over to Derek’s Aunts house to see his family. We didn’t stay very long because we had plans to go to the shooting range with our friend Laura and Shawn.

The shooting range was pretty sweet. It was the first time Derek and I had ever gone. I am proud to say that the first gun I have ever fired in my life was a shot gun! It was pretty fricken powerful and quite intimidating, but definitely exciting. I didn’t do too well overall, but that leaves room for improvement for next time. Derek did pretty well, I was quite impressed. We fired a shot gun, a 9mm and a Glock. The Glock was my favorite because it fit the best inside my hands. I definitely was a lot more comfortable with it all by the time I left. I was really nervous and scared at first. By the time we left I felt comfortable loading, firing, and unloading the empty clip all on my own. I can’t wait to go back!

If that wasn’t enough for one day, we then headed to the Airport diner for some MORE food! I got french toast and it was absolutely delicious. I ate it all! We had to kind of rush out of there though because we were headed off to see Star Trek.

Star Trek was surprisingly amazing! I didn’t think it was going to be bad, but because I am not a Star Trek fan in general, I was kind of wary of what to expect. The movie was a little over two hours and I thought it flew by! I couldn’t believe it was over, that is how I know a movie is good. It had a solid story, good acting, and non stop action. Really this film was excellent. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Everything flowed well and I really couldn’t have asked for anything more out of it. 

Go see Star Trek!

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