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What Good Music is To Me

I spent some time today buying various songs from iTunes because I had some money leftover on a gift card. I don’t know what it is, but I barely like any music from today. I’m a huge sucker for old music. Here is a list of songs that I purchased. Hopefully a few of them will make good running music.

  • Don’t Dream it’s Over – Crowded House (1986)
  • Everybody Wants You – Billy Squier (1996)
  • Baby Hold On – Eddie Money (1977)
  • Take Me Home Tonight – Eddie Money (1986)
  • Hurts So Good – John Cougar  (1982)
  • It Don’t Come Easy – Ringo Starr (1971)
  • The Power of Love – Huey Lewis & The News (1985)

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Galadrial Eats Popcorn

Thought  I’d share these funny pictures of my cat Galadrial.

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Thanksgiving Gluttony

So, I haven’t posted in quite some time, but what better time to update than Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving, it is all about the food for me. Spending time at home with my family and enjoying my parents cooking is why it’s so great. There are some amazing recipes within my family and I would love to share a few with you. I have a few of them that are being sent to me sometime over the weekend, so as soon as I receive them, I will share!



My mom’s specialty is her stuffed mushrooms! They are buried in this picture, but this is one recipe I would like to share. As soon as I get it, I am going to make them and take some delicious pictures. Also, my dad’s mashed potatoes are flawless and I am a huge sucker for baked sweet potatoes. Yum! My sister Gina also made homemade dinner rolls, that were more like biscuits, which is even better in my opinion. They were great!


I tried to keep my dessert plate small, but I was still stuffed by the time I was done. We still had to go and eat some over at Derek’s parents house. There was Coconut Custard Pie made with Soy Milk that my mom and I made, then there was Sweet Potato Pie made by my sister Kerri and she also made that chocolate cake, which tasted like fudge, it was really sweet, but had a great texture and I really enjoyed it. I think the Sweet Potato Pie was my favorite though! I have never had it before and I liked how it had a a real subtle flavor. It wasn’t too sweet, but still tasted like a decadent dessert.

At Derek’s house I ate some of the famous Pineapple Surprise made my his mom and some green bean casserole. I also had a piece of sugar free Apple Cranberry Pie which was really tart and delicious. I was over the edge by this point and I went to bed stuffed and I surprisingly woke up hungry.

I love food and I can’t wait until I am hungry again so I can make a Turkey, Stuffing, Cranberry Sauce and Gravy Sandwich!


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I was so excited to get up and run this morning! I knew how warm it was supposed to be today. I had a nice 7 miles planned out and was so ready to run. It was nice because Derek and I actually woke up at the same time this morning around 9:30.

I wore capris, a sleeveless top and my nalgene ‘camelback’ which has been leaking the past few times I’ve used it. I thought it was from the mouthpiece and I figured it just wasn’t sealing properly, but it’s coming from the rubber around the mouthpiece. It has a hole in it! I was so annoyed running because my shirt was continuously getting soaked. By the end of my run I had to squeeze my shirt out because it was dripping with water. Other than that it was an excellent run. I felt really strong and fast and I didn’t even need the jelly beans that I brought with me. It was SOOOOO nice to run in that kind of weather, I seriously can’t believe how warm it is outside right now.

  • Distance: 7.06 Miles
  • Duration: 64:42
  • Pace 9:09
  • Calories Burned: 695

That is definitely my fastest 7 mile training run ever! I probably could’ve kept going and I would have, but I seriously couldn’t wait to change my wet clothes and get that thing off my back.

I ate the remainder of my Peanut Butter Clif Bar that I had before my run and drank some more water. Then, more oatmeal!


Peanut Butter and Jelly Oats

Tonight I am off to a wrap party with Derek. This film he has been working on just wrapped so I am going out to help celebrate! It’s at a place called Gold Bar, I’ll be back with a recap tomorrow.

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Flowers and Cupcakes

That is what I woke up to on Saturday morning! Oh and also a pile of clif bars, what more could a girl ask for? It was so nice and surprising. Derek didn’t actually ‘buy’ me all those things, but the was able to take them from the set of the movie he was working on. Apparently they were Uma Thurman’s flowers and cupcakes and she just didn’t want them. How nice to Derek to bring them home for me! : ) He actually said that they were all mine and I could decide who to share them with.





As you can see we already broke into that chocolate one that is half eaten. I’ve recently decided that I LOVE cupcakes. A lot of people don’t like them, but seriously I can’t get enough. Last night we ate 1/3 of that chocolate one, which had chocolate ganache in the center and it was so moist and delicious!


This was so decadent and gooey, I can’t wait to eat the other chocolate, chocolate one!

Yesterday I helped do some set work for a play that is opening in two weeks. I pretty much painted a bunch of trees all day. It went well I suppose. I came home and hung out with Derek for a bit and then went over to Cory and Kelly’s house to watch a few movies that Cory has been working on. I also saw Brit and Kendel, which was nice because I miss them so much.

Oh I forgot to mention that Derek also brought home all kinds of leftover Indian food, so I had some of that when I got back. Sorry no picture, I was starving and very focused on eating. After that Derek and I split a cupcake. This time it was some kind of crazy apple cinnamon cupcake. I was so surprised when I saw the filling! This must mean this is a filling in all of them. Yum, I can’ t wait to try them all.



These cupcakes are huge! They are definitely meant to be split. Now, it’s a battle between Crumbs Bakery and Magnolia Bakery. I am really enjoying these cupcakes from Crumbs because they are so decadent and they have filling, but Magnolia’s frosting is absolutely amazing and I kind of like how they are on the smaller side, at least when compared to these.

PS. I’ve been trying to take all of my pictures with out a flash whenever possible, but I am having trouble keeping the focus. A lot of the time I have to take the pictures 10 times because it keep coming out blurry. So please bear with me and hopefully there won’t be many more blurry pictures.

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View Interactive Map on MapMyRun.com

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What is going on with the weather? It’s so freakin UGLY outside right now. I am proud of myself though because I actually mustered up the motivation to run. It wasn’t too cold out, but the wind was terrible. I literally had to fight and push my way through it. I did some speed work at the track and this week there was hardly anyone there. I’m not surprised, everyone is probably at home curled up in their beds. I felt a little weak today, kind of tired and I really couldn’t wait to be done. I blame the weather.

  • Distance: 4 Miles
  • Time: 36:30
  • Pace: 9:07
0.25 2m 30s
0.50 2m 30s
0.75 2m 10s
1.00 2m 10s
1.25 2m 25s
1.50 2m 25s
1.75 2m 0s
2.00 2m 5s
2.25 2m 25s
2.50 2m 25s
2.75 2m 5s
3.00 2m 10s
3.25 2m 25s
3.50 2m 25s
3.75 2m 0s
4.00 2m 20s
TOTAL: 36m 30s

I ate half a pumpkin spice clif bar and drank a small glass of juice before I left. When I got back I ate the only thing we have in the house; oatmeal.

I crumbled the other half of my clif bar on top along with some granola, peanut butter, a banana, and honey.


For dinner, I made some Trader Joe’s Roasted Red Pepper Soup with some added pepperoni and shredded cheddar cheese. I also had a slice of leftover pizza from last night.



I did lots of cleaning today and some laundry. It’s nice to have everything de-cluttered and organized. Yeah, that’s what I do on Friday nights, it’s that exciting around here.

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