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I Hope I Get the Job!

I had such a good day yesterday! I wanted to write about it in a separate post. I was hoping to write about my day last night, but I was unfortunately exhausted and was done with writing for the day.

I woke up at 5:45 took a shower and was out the door at 7am. I was lucky enough to get on the ‘R’ train right when I got in the subway station. I got to my interview like 20 minutes early so I wandered the streets a little before going inside.

I was the first one there : )  I walked in the store and it was AMAZING! I haven’t been in a lululemon before and it was like heaven. There were so many awesome colorful clothes and it made me happy. The interview itself went really well in my opinion. It was a group interview and there were 6 other people there. They also mentioned that most of the other stores in Manhattan are hiring so I suppose if I do get hired that I won’t necessarily be working at that specific one. They are a great store and have really good beliefs and there is a sense of community there. I love what they stand for and I REALLY hope I get the job! I now just have to wait for a phone call to go in for a second interview.

After my interview, I hung out at Starbucks, while I waited for Derek to meet up with me. We went from there to the Landmark Sunshine theater to see ‘The Road’. I went into this movie knowing absolutely nothing about it and it was amazing. It was so emotional and I was fighting back tears the whole time. I pretty much just cried through my nose. I fought back my tears for so long and hard that they had no where else to go but out my nose and the back of my throat. I will be writing a review of it later at Mapcidy.com, so be sure to check it out.

We got home around 2:30 and I instantly got all my gear on and headed out into the warm 33° weather and tackled my 6 mile tempo run. Got back just in time to sit down and write for 4 hours. I had scheduled 4-8 as time to write up a few entries for Healthkicker.com.

When I was done with writing we went to the amazing BAREBURGER! Yes, it was just as amazing as it usually is. This is by far my favorite restaurant / burger place in Queens. It is so good. They finally got their liquor license too, so we were able to enjoy some delicious beer on tap! They had about 7 0r 8 beers on tap, quite impressive for such a small place.

And now, some food porn.

I got the original bareburger with Piedmontese Beef and it was perfect. I also got an Acai wheat beer, but unfortunately the picture I took is really blurry so I don’t want to post it.

It was one busy day that I was happy to end with a delicious burger!


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