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Today has literally flew by! I can’t believe it is already 4 o’clock. I woke up late this morning, I didn’t get to bed until after 1 am last night. Got up and did some great Strength Training. It was one of the best sessions I’ve had in a long time. I felt strong and I feel like I really worked my muscles. I’ve decided that after my Half Marathon is over I want to focus a lot on strength training, well more than I have been. I want to aim to do it 3 times a week because I know it will help with my running and I long for awesome muscles!

I did some writing for a few hours, but ended up taking a break in the middle because I was REALLY craving falafel! I was actually writing an article on it and I couldn’t stand it anymore so I left and took a walk down to the street vendor, The King of Falafel. Ohhh it was soo good and satisfying! Sorry, no picture, I had to eat it on the go. The guy from the shop called me and told me my car was ready to be picked up. So I left from the falafel stand and headed over to auto place.

Yeah, um my oil change cost me $105!!! I’m pretty sure it’s because my car has a diesel engine so it’s way more expensive for the oil and it also takes more oil than an average car. Oh well, what’s good about diesel cars is that I don’t need another oil change now for another 10,000 miles.

I came home and wrote for another hour and now I am enjoying a little snack because it’s that time of the day where I definitely need a pick-me-up. A nice hot coffee and a delicious cupcake : )

Headed over to Kelly’s house in a little while for a fun girls night with her and Erin. Can’t stay out too late though, I have a long 9 miler planned for Central Park in the morning.


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I had a pretty good day today. My original plan was to go to Central Park and run, but it would’ve been a huge pain because it was pretty cold out and I didn’t want to carry anything with me like a coat or bag. So! I decided to try out the Astoria Park Track that I did not know existed until only a few days ago. This was my first time running on a track since high school and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it! I had such a good time and I was really surprised. I decided to try out some speed work since that is where speed work is mainly done. I’ve never done any official speed work, but I have read a lot about it. I planned it all out last minute and kind of just went with it my own way. The whole run went by incredibly fast and I felt like I could’ve ran forever. It was pretty chilly outside and I’ve been experimenting with different clothing to figure out what I need for certain temperatures. It was probably about 45° and I was very comfortable after about a half mile warm up. I really need to get a hat though and probably some more long sleeve shirts.

Here are my stats:

0.25 2m 30s
0.50 2m 30s
0.75 2m 0s
1.00 2m 0s
1.25 2m 25s
1.50 2m 5s
1.75 2m 25s
2.00 2m 5s
2.25 2m 20s
2.50 2m 20s
2.75 2m 0s
3.00 2m 0s
3.25 2m 20s
3.50 2m 19s

TOTAL: 31: 19

3.5 Miles in 31 minutes ain’t too bad! Although my body is telling me quite differently as of this moment. I felt great after my run and I stretched right away and even did some push ups. Now, I can’t even walk! My legs, mainly my hips and my upper thighs are killing me! I’m supposed to run 7 miles tomorrow, I’m wondering if I should push it off til Sunday. I would love to incorporate speed work into my normal running so I have created a new table for it within my running log on my computer.


After my run, my goal was to get falafel. I wanted to try this place called Astoria Falafel (at least I think that’s what it’s called), but anyway after driving around for 15 minutes I couldn’t find it and decided it wasn’t worth looking for any longer. So I headed to the King of Falafel, which is amazingly good! I had falafel from here yesterday too! What can I say, I love falafel! I really am glad that it has exceeded my expectations of how delicious it was going to be. Today I opted for it on a hero instead of a pita because I was extra hungry. It took me forever to get there, like I was seriously driving around for an hour before I made it there. I knew where it was and everything, but the traffic sucked! and I had to figure out which roads where thru roads and I somehow could not make it to the other side of the overpass!

Yesterday’s falafel in a pita.


Today’s falafel in a hero.



I made brownies yesterday from scratch and they came out really good. They probably could’ve been cooked longer because they are very fudgy and gooey, but they taste great! A few of them didn’t come out of the pan so nicely so I smushed them into a ball and that is what I had for dessert after my falafel.


I am currently baking a sweet potato in the oven for dinner tonight. I can’t wait to eat it, I love sweet potatoes!

This has been a complete full week of running and I am so happy and proud of myself for getting back on track! My new goal is to reach 700 miles by the end of the year.

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