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Sweet Running Gear


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Wishful Thinking

I would love to wear this to my birthday celebration on Saturday night. Too bad this whole ensemble would cost over $1000!

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Roquefort Cheese Ball

I know this is a late New Years post, but hey I gotta get it up sometime. I had an excellent New Years Eve, probably the best one yet. I went to friends house and played games, drank beer, and ate food all night. It was a great party and I had a lot of fun.

We played Charades and the game where you put the cards on your head and you have to figure out who you are. Sorry, I don’t know what it is called. We played 2 rounds, the first time I had Bob the Builder and the second was Hal 9000, which I had no clue who that even was. It was a frustrating game, that’s for sure.

It was also a ‘cocktail’ party for whoever felt like dressing up. I had just bought this dress and had so it was a perfect time to wear it.  I love long sleeved dresses and it would be great to have a huge collection of them. I’m alway so cold and most dresses are sleeveless so I have a hard time wearing them in the winter.

I started the New Year off right with my very first Julia Child recipe.

Roquefort Cheese Balls.

I changed up the recipe a bit by making it one huge ball, instead of individual ones. I served it with Ritz crackers, olives, and some paté. It came out great and was a huge hit at the party. The consistently was perfect to be spread on crackers an it had a nice salty taste that wasn’t overbearing. It was a pretty simple recipe, but still that is 1 down out of 12 for the year.

I will leave you now with a great group picture of most of my friends here in New York. It is missing a few essential friends, like Cory and Kelly, but it’s still an awesome group shot.

Even Bongo made it into the picture : )

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A Barbecue Lunch

It’s been a nice day off so far. The sun was out most of the day and I think it reached almost 90 degrees, now that is my kind of weather! I took a trip down to the Pheasant Lane Mall to specifically go to NY & Co. I received a $30 off coupon when you spend $75 or more. What a great deal! This is what I got:





I got those three pieces and I only had to pay 50 bucks! It’s usually a hit or miss at that store, but I was happy with what I came out with. I definitely needed more pants that weren’t jeans!

Since I was right there, I decided I might as well hit up Trader Joes. Picked up some Hommus, mini pita bread, 3 frozen indian food meals (They are SO good), and some spicy jalapeno chicken sausage that I might make for dinner tonight. I also was starving so I picked up a barbecue chicken wrap and figured I would eat it when I got home. The traffic was pretty good until about half way. Of course it was like 4:30 and everyone was getting out of work. I jumped off the highway and took the back roads the rest of the way home. It took FOREVER. I was starving when I got home, I ate my wrap with some barbecue Pop Chips. I kept hearing about Pop Chips and I finally saw some at Target today and decided to buy a bag. They were really good, not sure how much better for you they are than regular chips, but delicious anyways.


The wrap was just OK, I expected more because it was TJ’s. I thought it was going to be more ‘barbecuey’ and in order for it to meet my expectations I had to add a little bit of my own barbecue sauce on the side. It was filling and now I have to wait to digest most of it before I hit up the gym. I decided to work out in the evening so I would have more time to spend with Derek this morning before he went to work. He won’t be coming up to the lake this weekend, which makes me sad because I didn’t want a vacation from him! But, he has a pretty viable excuse because he has to finish his cousins wedding video that he has been working so hard on. I hope he makes a good dent in it this weekend because it’s been stressing him out.

I can’t believe its almost 6 o’clock already.  I wish there was more time in a day. I would do some cleaning/packing because that has been on my mind a lot lately. Oh well, what can ya do?

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I need this bag!


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Red Boots from Toms Shoes

I found this site from my friend Kelly’s blog. I absolutely love shoes and what could be better than buying a pair and having another pair automatically donated to a child in need just because you bought a pair of shoes. These would be the shoes I would LOVE to purchase. Everything I want seems to be so expensive though!

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