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I Hope I Get the Job!

I had such a good day yesterday! I wanted to write about it in a separate post. I was hoping to write about my day last night, but I was unfortunately exhausted and was done with writing for the day.

I woke up at 5:45 took a shower and was out the door at 7am. I was lucky enough to get on the ‘R’ train right when I got in the subway station. I got to my interview like 20 minutes early so I wandered the streets a little before going inside.

I was the first one there : )  I walked in the store and it was AMAZING! I haven’t been in a lululemon before and it was like heaven. There were so many awesome colorful clothes and it made me happy. The interview itself went really well in my opinion. It was a group interview and there were 6 other people there. They also mentioned that most of the other stores in Manhattan are hiring so I suppose if I do get hired that I won’t necessarily be working at that specific one. They are a great store and have really good beliefs and there is a sense of community there. I love what they stand for and I REALLY hope I get the job! I now just have to wait for a phone call to go in for a second interview.

After my interview, I hung out at Starbucks, while I waited for Derek to meet up with me. We went from there to the Landmark Sunshine theater to see ‘The Road’. I went into this movie knowing absolutely nothing about it and it was amazing. It was so emotional and I was fighting back tears the whole time. I pretty much just cried through my nose. I fought back my tears for so long and hard that they had no where else to go but out my nose and the back of my throat. I will be writing a review of it later at Mapcidy.com, so be sure to check it out.

We got home around 2:30 and I instantly got all my gear on and headed out into the warm 33° weather and tackled my 6 mile tempo run. Got back just in time to sit down and write for 4 hours. I had scheduled 4-8 as time to write up a few entries for Healthkicker.com.

When I was done with writing we went to the amazing BAREBURGER! Yes, it was just as amazing as it usually is. This is by far my favorite restaurant / burger place in Queens. It is so good. They finally got their liquor license too, so we were able to enjoy some delicious beer on tap! They had about 7 0r 8 beers on tap, quite impressive for such a small place.

And now, some food porn.

I got the original bareburger with Piedmontese Beef and it was perfect. I also got an Acai wheat beer, but unfortunately the picture I took is really blurry so I don’t want to post it.

It was one busy day that I was happy to end with a delicious burger!


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My First Movie Premiere

I’ve just finished up my last week at the production company that I was interning at. Starting Sunday I will be working on a lesbian vampire film that was filmed last February and is doing a week of reshoots in order to finish up the film. I’m really excited about it because it’s a makeup effects job. It’s an unpaid job, but it is something that I really WANT to be doing. I have a good amount of work to do and it will help expand my resume and portfolio. I have to admit, I am slightly nervous about, but definitely confident at the same time. It should be fun, the people that I have met are really cool and laid back so I’m not worried about working with any uptight assholes. I’m sure they will be really long and exhausting days but it will definitely be worth it.

I also have my 10K Nike Human Race next Saturday! I’m really excited about it, but at the same time I’m not sure how well I am going to do. Like I said, this week will be exhausting and to have to wake up on Saturday morning and be at Prospect park for 8 am will be a feat in itself. Following my race, Derek and I are headed to Connecticut for a Halloween Party that I am slightly unprepared for. I haven’t been keeping up with my running as much as I should be. I’m not worried about running the 6 miles, but it’s definitely not going to be anything amazing. My running has been cut back by a lot! I’m a little bummed about it, but I’m trying not to be too hard on myself because I did just move to New York and completely changed my life around here. I’m so glad to have a running buddy though! Speaking of which, Matt has really been kicking my butt with speed, I can barely keep up with him now. It’s starting to get very cold, I need to get a job that pays so I can join a gym and therefore keep up with my running a bit more easily at the gym.

One amazing thing that did come out of my internship was being able to attend my first red carpet movie premiere. The company I was interning for produced the film ‘Motherhood’ and it had it’s New York premiere this past Wednesday night. I worked at the door with Matt checking people in and handing out tickets. It was pretty stressful and things could’ve gone more smoothly, but it was all okay in the end. We didn’t stay for the movie, instead we met up with Derek and a few friends and drank some wine. Matt and I headed back early so we could be there to let people in at the after party. Now that I think about it, I’m really sad that I didn’t get any pictures of Derek and I because we looked good! Although Derek was lucky enough to get his photo taken by a press photographer that was there. Check it out, he is totally a celebrity!


But yeah it was a pretty amazing party. I saw Uma Thurman and Anthony Edwards. They are probably the first real celebrities I’ve ever seen. It was an open bar and yep I got way too drunk and of course that is how I got the gash on my face. I can never seem to make it through a night safely when I drink. I was apparently squatting down in front of our apartment and I lost my balance and fell over and scraped my face and my knee on the ground. It was an extremely fun and eventful night, but I really hate getting that drunk. I need to realize that my tolerance is nothing and I shouldn’t drink more than like 4 beers. Ever.

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I woke up at 8:30 this morning, which NEVER happens, but I looked out the window and saw the sun! I was so excited to get up and run. I mapped out a new route and this was going to be my first long run outside in a while due to it raining every day for the past century. I don’t remember ever being this excited for a run before. I knew it was going to be a good one. I ate some clif shot bloks, chugged some water and headed out. It was almost 70 degrees outside, which is pretty hot for ideal running weather, but it was still sooo nice! I was just so happy to be outside in the sun and in the warmth. I NEED it to be summer, I can’t stand this rain anymore. My new route was awesome and I can’t wait to run it again. There were a lot of people out running/walking today and I said hello to most of them. I completed my 6 mile run in 54:52. I was extremely happy with my time. A 9 min. mile is now becoming my norm, when it used to be my speedwork. I’ve definitely been improving a lot with my running, I think all of this cross training for the triathlon has been helping a lot! 

Speaking of my triathlon, it is in 2 weeks! Ahhhhh! I’m so nervous about it. I feel ready, but at the same time I don’t and need more time. I had a stressful dream about it the other night and ever since then I have become extremely nervous about it all. I have all of my stuff for it now. I bought a new bike tire, I have my specific triathlon apparel that I am going to wear (which was really pricey!) and I have my swim cap, which looks really silly and I’m only ever going to wear it in triathlons. I’m set and ready to go, now the countdown begins. 

After my run I went to see the new Transformers movie, which was just what I expected: a fun, entertaining flick packed with corny jokes and lots of explosions. I enjoyed it overall. Later on we headed to Milly’s Tavern in Manchester for some good beer and decent food. The highlight of my day was definitely Trader Joe’s and an awesome beer store that is right next to it. I bought so many good things, including almond butter, mass amounts of cookies, and ice cream balls. I also bought some more lambic beer from the beer store, but this time I went with green apple, mmmm! 

It was a busy day and I am so tired. I would’ve like to have included many pictures in this entry, but like I said I am tired and therefore way too lazy. Please use your imagination to picture all of my yummy food and beer that was purchased today. Night!

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New Inspiration

I officially signed up for my Triathlon!

I started reading a new book: The Alchemist, it’s amazing and I know I am going to blow right through it. Next up – Angels and Demons, then American Psycho.

I finally watched ‘Silence of the Lambs’ I know! I’m weird because I’ve never seen it, but this movie definitely lived up to the hype! It’s usually hard to like a movie as much as everyone else when they make a big deal of you not seeing it. Really though, it was phenomenal and I give it 5 stars. I saw probably the first 45 minutes of it in my Film Theory class, it was for my final exam and my professor made us watch half of it then he shut it off and made us write. Ever since then I was dying to see the rest, only 2 years later was I finally able to finish it. 

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Food, Guns, and Star Trek

I had a very busy weekend. On Saturday I went to my sister’s graduation, which turned out to be a pretty interesting ceremony. The commencement speaker had a really inspiring speech and though it was a little long, I enjoyed what he had to share. It turned out to be a pretty nice day. After we all headed back to sister’s condo for a small gathering with lots of food. My sister is an amazing and ambitious cook, I aspire to like her one day. She made a curried egg salad, wild rice salad, chicken salad, an antipasto plate and homemade frozen yogurt. It was exceptional. I brought over some Alton Brown Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies and Black Bean Brownies. They came out quite well…pictures soon to come. I ate SO much!

Sunday of course was Mother’s Day. Derek and I headed over to my parents house where my Dad was also grilling up a storm. He made smoked pork, grilled chicken, hot dogs and home made baked beans. I absolutely love how my whole family is based around good food! I definitely don’t take it for granted. I love cooking and eating and experiencing different food. I really hope I can own my own diner one day. Anyway, we ate a ton of good food at my parents house and then headed over to Derek’s Aunts house to see his family. We didn’t stay very long because we had plans to go to the shooting range with our friend Laura and Shawn.

The shooting range was pretty sweet. It was the first time Derek and I had ever gone. I am proud to say that the first gun I have ever fired in my life was a shot gun! It was pretty fricken powerful and quite intimidating, but definitely exciting. I didn’t do too well overall, but that leaves room for improvement for next time. Derek did pretty well, I was quite impressed. We fired a shot gun, a 9mm and a Glock. The Glock was my favorite because it fit the best inside my hands. I definitely was a lot more comfortable with it all by the time I left. I was really nervous and scared at first. By the time we left I felt comfortable loading, firing, and unloading the empty clip all on my own. I can’t wait to go back!

If that wasn’t enough for one day, we then headed to the Airport diner for some MORE food! I got french toast and it was absolutely delicious. I ate it all! We had to kind of rush out of there though because we were headed off to see Star Trek.

Star Trek was surprisingly amazing! I didn’t think it was going to be bad, but because I am not a Star Trek fan in general, I was kind of wary of what to expect. The movie was a little over two hours and I thought it flew by! I couldn’t believe it was over, that is how I know a movie is good. It had a solid story, good acting, and non stop action. Really this film was excellent. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Everything flowed well and I really couldn’t have asked for anything more out of it. 

Go see Star Trek!

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Yay, 2 days sooner!

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