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I Will Not Give Up!

I know I’ve already said it, but I really have not been running much at all lately and I can’t stop thinking about it. I really don’t want to stop running, but my motivation has fell by the wayside. I think I go through these periods every few months or so and I won’t give up, I will always fight through them. I will come out of it and be a confident runner again. I’ve not only been slacking on running, but all forms of exercise. This week I’ve started to come out of the slump and turn it all around. I’m starting slowly and I will hopefully be back to the top real soon. I need to make a schedule and stick to it. Today I woke up a little earlier than usual and was planning on going on a run, but decided I would put it off until a little later. I was thinking about meeting up with the Hellgate Road Runners, which is the Astoria running group. They have 3-4 weekly runs and one of them is tonight. I would love to be a part of them, but I just can’t seem to kick my ass into gear to go. Anyway, I randomly fell upon some running quotes earlier and they totally motivated me to just get out there and run. I felt pretty full of breakfast and coffee, but I decided to go anyway because my mind was mentally pumped to get out there.

These were my favorite quotes.

“Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it.”
-Oprah Winfrey

“If you want to become the best runner you can be, start now. Don’t spend the rest of your life wondering if you can do it.”
-Priscilla Welch

“Those who think they have not time for bodily exercise will sooner or later have to find time for illness.”
-Edward Stanley

I went out and ran until I couldn’t run anymore. I didn’t plan any route I kind of just went with it. I felt really slow in the beginning, but came out strong.

  • Distance: 4.2 Miles
  • Time: 39:40
  • Pace: 9:26

I really want to become a hardcore runner over this winter. Well, more than I was last year anyway. Last year I wouldn’t run outside under 45°F and I am hoping to push that to 30°F this year. I just have to wear the proper clothing and get my breathing under control. I would like to run outside 1-2 times a week over the winter if at all possible.

I came home from my run and was looking over all of my runs from the past year and they made me feel good and motivated. I was feeling slightly disappointed with myself because I haven’t been as strong lately. My original goal was to run 750 miles this year, but I’m pretty sure I won’t reach that goal, but I know I will come close. I should be happy because I am almost at the 600 mile mark and yeah maybe it isn’t as much as I had anticipated, but it’s a hell of a lot more than I ever would’ve imagined myself running just 2 years ago! I am happy with how far I have come. I have run 6 races this year and I kicked ass at every single one of them, even my triathlon!




Highlights from Race Season and Total Mileage Throughout the Year

April: My first 10K Race and Total Mileage: 60.49

May: My first 12K Race and Total Mileage: 71.24

June: 5K PR: 24:42 and Total Mileage: 68.86

July: My first Triathlon! and Total Mileage: 66.95

August: 5K Race and Total Mileage: 75.2

September: Personal Distance Record: 10.8 Miles! and Total Mileage: 52.75

October: 10K Nike Human Race and Total Mileage: TBD


There you have it! I shouldn’t feel so bad for slacking a little right now because I know it won’t last. I’ve had a lot of firsts this year and I ran a lot of races. I was really hoping to run at least one race per month until it got real cold, but I did end up missing September. I’m not too bummed though because another goal I had was to run 10 miles before I had moved to New York and I busted out almost 11 miles and shattered that goal. I am happy with that being my accomplishment of the month. Although there won’t be a Half Marathon this year like I was REALLY hoping, I know there will be more than one next year and I absolutely can not wait!!!

Sorry for the boring post, it was more for me anyway to get it all out and realize that I really shouldn’t feel too bad.


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Too Many Things to Do!

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about things I want to accomplish in my life. It started me thinking about how I have so many interests and if I had the option to pick one career and be successful at it, I’m really not sure what it would be. I am happy to feel that I have many options because a lot of people can’t even figure out one thing that they want to do with their life. Here is a list of careers/jobs that I wouldn’t mind having for the rest of my life:

-Effects makeup artist
-Professional athlete
-Owning a diner
-Anything in the fashion industry
So there they are. I tried to pick things that I could possibly achieve if I really wanted to. There are just too many things to do and not enough time. 

‘It’s not the years in your life that count, it’s the life in your years!’

-Abe Lincoln

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I went for my first official bike ride today. It wasn’t much of an adventure, it was more of getting used to the bike. I only rode around my neighborhood, I need to make sure I am comfortable on the bike. I practiced changing gears, went up some hills, down some hills and practiced getting my feet in and out of the pedal clips. 

I have been looking for some good bike trails, but I’m having somewhat of a hard time. I know of two places that I can possibly go, but I’m really nervous. They are all on roads, mostly low traffic, which is good, but it’s intimidating to just go out there and ride a new bike that is completely different than any other bike I’ve rode. I know I just have to do it, once I get out there and do it, I will realize how easy it was in the first place. I just have to keep that quote in mind. 

I am using an old road bike that my Uncle gave my Dad several years ago. I’m so happy to have it because mountain bikes make everything more difficult because they are so heavy. I also have to carry my bike up and down three flights of stairs every time I use it because there is no other place to store it. I am thankful that it is so light. I bought an awesome new helmet yesterday at Sports Authority, it makes me feel more professional, ha! I also bought some goggles to wear swimming and a water bottle for my bike. Slowly things are all coming together. I have a few more things that I will need to buy in the coming weeks, like a triathlon top and bottom and also a swim cap. I have exactly 6 weeks to get my butt into shape. Wish me luck!

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What an Amazing Quote…

“As we know from life, decisions are far more difficult to make than actions are to take. We often put off doing something for as long as possible, then as we finally make the decision and step into the action, we’re surprised by its relative ease. We’re left to wonder why we dreaded doing it until we realize that most of life’s actions are within our reach, but decisions take willpower.”

-Robert McKee 

I absolutely love this quote. Derek originally found it’s excellence while reading one of his books on screenwriting. The book is called ‘Story’ and from what Derek has said, it seems to be quite the good read. This quote is so powerful and absolutely true, it says so much, yet is also so simple. 

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