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I have been abnormally tired for the past two days and it is killing me at work. I woke up this morning and was fighting with myself in my head on whether or not I was going to run my planned 3 miles. I decided just to do, but was considering going to the gym to use the treadmill because it was already almot 80° outside. I brushed my teeth, washed my face and go dressed after that point I felt so much better and completely ready to run. I quickly changed my mind about the treadmill and decided to brave the sweltering weather. It was pretty damn hot. My first mile was fast and I didn’t really start to feel tired until my last mile. IT. WAS. TOUGH. I had to stop twice to take a walk break, and it was only 3 miles! Just goes to show how much the weather really does effect you.

  • Distance: 3.12 Miles
  • Time: 29:18
  • Pace: 9:23 / mile

This was breakfast:

CIMG4637Chobani Greek honey yogurt with pumpkin flaxseed granola, a banana and some fruity pebbles!

I also had a piece of toast with Teddie Super Chunky peanut butter on it. Like I said, I’ve been so tired for the past few days and I’ve decided to go to bed early tonight and sleep in tomorrow. I’m also going to skip my run that I had planned, I really need a day off from all exercise. I really haven’t had had one in a long time. Skipping my run will most likely cause me not be meet my monthly mileage goal this month. It was 70 miles and I think I will be under by 3 or 4 miles. It kind of sucks, but I don’t care too much because it’s for a good reason. I NEED the rest, mentally and physically. I am aiming for 75 miles in August, I’m really hoping I can meet that!

For dinner I made a ham and cheese panini.


Deli ham with super sharp cheddar cheese and spinach thrown onto the George Foreman grill. It was as simple as that. On the side I had carrots and a wedge of cantaloupe. It was good and satisfying!


I also had a glass of wine with it. The kind from the other day: Nobilo Sauvignon Blanc – I like it! It’s a good kickoff to my newly found hobby of wine tasting. Think I will finish the rest of the bottle tonight, good night!


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Recently I’ve decided to try and get into wine. I started reading ‘the Idiots Guide to Tasting Wine’ and I also learned a lot from the blog, Eat Live Run. Jenna featured several posts about wine for newbies and it was quite interesting and very informational. I would like to buy a bottle of wine weekly and continue to try different kinds. My first choice was a Sauvignon Blanc. It took me a while to pick one out, but I decided on one from New Zealand that had a pleasant description.



I did some major grocery shopping tonight so now I am broke until pay day! I really don’t mind spending money on food though, I definitely prefer buying real groceries than a bunch of frozen cheap stuff just to save a little cash. I decided before I left what I was going to make for dinner: A home made pizza with chicken, tomatoes and spinach. I ended up cooking the chicken with some garlic and it just made it that much better.



  • Whole wheat crust
  • Casa Visco jarred pizza sauce
  • a bunch of baby spinach
  • a whole bag of 2% mozzarella
  • garlic chicken
  • tomato slices

In the oven for about 12-15 minutes at 450°

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Anchors and Wine

I ate leftover stuffed peppers for dinner tonight, they were even better than before. And now I am drinking a glass of wine for dessert and I ate two delicious chocolate chip cookies.

Now, for the rest of the night I am pondering…about how to make a makeshift anchor out of a Nerf football and a noodle. Let the creative juices flow…

This is what I need it to resemble in the end:

It’s supposed to be done by Saturday, I know I’m cutting it pretty close, but I feel confident that I can pull it off.

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